Absolutely! I have long been a proud ally of the LGBT rights movement. While I will happily perform a ceremony for same-sex partners, the state of Idaho does not recognize same-sex unions. Hopefully this will change soon. If you would like me to perform?a commitment ceremony before same-sex marriage is legal in Idaho, I will30

Churches or religious groups will often require couples to undergo some sort of premarital counseling before they can get married in the church. This generally serves two purposes: to ensure the couple is ready for the commitment of marriage and to educate them in the church’s beliefs regarding marriage as an institution. As a secular30

I live in Pocatello and primarily serve the surrounding area but have performed ceremonies as far away as Pennsylvania. If you would me to perform a ceremony outside of the Pocatello/Idaho Falls area, please contact me. While I may request to have my travel costs paid, it likely won’t be a problem. If you live30

Yes. When it comes to the state of Idaho, all that matters is that you have a marriage license signed by a “an authorized clergy member, judge, or other designated official.” I, as a Humanist Celebrant, am?recognized as an authorized clergymember. Go to?https://idahoweddingcelebrations.com/how-to-get-married-in-idaho/?to see the steps required for obtaining a marriage license.

Planning a secular ceremony can be particularly daunting task?because you don’t have a religious tradition to prescribe what the ceremony should look like. Please take a look at the Sample Ceremonies on our sister site to get some ideas. You can mix and match different ceremonies and readings to create a celebration as unique as30

Yes! Your religious background, or lack thereof,?is immaterial. Your wedding is about?the commitment between two people, not the beliefs of any organization. It should be noted that some religions may not recognize a marriage that takes place outside of the church. If this bothers you, I would suggest that you talk to a minister/priest/etc about30

While I am ordained by the Humanist Society, which is technically a religious organization, I do not have have a “church.” I do not require anything from you, other than a reasonable fee, to perform your ceremony.

Humanist Celebrants can perform ceremonies that any other clergy can perform. The majority of ceremonies are weddings but I can also perform: Renewal of Vows Divorce Ceremonies Baby Naming / Welcoming Life Cycle Events Inspiration / Reflection Memorial Services Please contact me for more information about a particular ceremony.

I feel that being a Celebrant is a public service and not a money-making venture. However, my time, like yours, is valuable. Basic fees are listed below but may not include things like extra travel. Typical Wedding – $100? (non-refundable $50 deposit required to secure a specific date) Includes initial consultation, email help with customizing30