Idaho Humanist Safety PinIn response to Donald Trump’s election, many LGBTQ, immigrant, and minority watch-dog groups are on high alert. To support these communities in such precarious and uncertain times, Humanist Celebrants can offer “comfort and security some desire through marriage to the one they love.”

If you are a member of a disenfranchised group and would like to get married before inauguration day (Friday, January 20, 2017), Joel Gardner will wave the normal ceremony fee. Follow the link to get in touch with Joel.

Requirements?for?Same Sex Marriage in Idaho

This is what you need to get married (whether a same sex marriage or opposite sex marriage) in Idaho and specifically in Bannock County and Bonneville County:

  1. The couple must go to the County Recorder’s Office at the courthouse (Bannock – 624 East Center, Room 211 map, Bonneville -?605 N. Capital, Room 204 map) before 4:30pm on a weekday
  2. Bring valid Drivers Licenses or state issued IDs. You must both have social security numbers as well.
  3. Pay the license fee of $28 (bring cash)
  4. After receiving the license,?”an authorized clergy member, judge, or other designated official” must perform a ceremony and sign the license.
  5. Mail the signed license to the address on the license.

Other counties are similar but the fees may vary. More info here:?

There is no waiting period. You can get married immediately after receiving the license. I’ll even meet you on the courthouse steps if we arrange a time beforehand. There is also no need for witnesses, though you can have one or two witnesses sign the license if you want.

It would be my great pleasure to perform your ceremony. Call me at 208-417-0055, email me at, or use the contact form. The ceremony can be a simple pronouncement that takes a couple of minutes, a more traditional ceremony, or anything in between. Here are ten sample wedding ceremonies that you can use for ideas and inspiration.